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Tramadol is a medicine that does not have natural origel, being thus fully synthetic, designed to combat headaches Strong without having to resort to drugs such as codeine, for example, because it has more severe side effects They are more likely to generate an addiction.

This medicine is prescribed in cases such as the moment after an operation or surgery, some moderate chronic pain Or severe, among other cases. The professional who prescribe tramadol must take into account many facotres for not harmful For the person to consume it. Among those factors we have the age, it is not recommended the consumption of this medicine For people under 18 years of age because it is considered that the body did not develop the necessary enzymes in order to be able to process it and can Come to affect so severe to the person who consumes.


Also keep in mind if the patient has a history of trauma or damage to the head, since the drug generates a A slight increase in intracranial pressure and in case there is any permanent damage can worsen pre-existing damage or until you can Cause death.

In people of advanced age (over 65 years), the dosage will be lower in all cases by the fact that the agency has already tends to Metabolize more slowly, that is to say, a high dose can lead to an overdose causing kidney failure, liver, among other outcomes.

Another factor to be taken into account by the doctor to prescribe tramadol is to know if your patient has any respiratory dysfunction Since this medicine tends to realentizar respiratory rate.



This medication can cause some side effects such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, abdominal pain and drowsiness.

Studies in the United States determine that this medicine is very little abused, that is to say, it is not common unauthorized use This medicine because of its side effects such as vomiting and also by the low rate of addiction that it possesses. The vast majority People who develop physical dependence toward tramadol is because they already had a pre-existing addiction toward another substance, as well It is alcohol or other drugs.



The excess consumption of this medicine can cause seizures, vomiting, and in some cases death. That is why it is not a drug that is Use recreationally since their effects in the case of abuse are extremely unpleasant and dangerous.

If the patient generates an addiction to tramadol should suffer withdrawal symptoms for approximately 7 days which include Vomiting, headaches, numbness and hallucinations among other symptoms.




Currently, however, in the United States, the number of prescriptions of tramadol delivered by professionals increased considerably because of Its effect is excellent in healthy patients who need it and have a very low rate of addiction in comparison with other medicines That in turn have more severe side effects that tramadol, and with this, you get equal or better results over the long- and short-term

Without the danger of the consumption of other drugs and thus avoiding the recreational use of prescription drugs.  Currently the tramadol, is the medicine more chosen for the treatment of pain in the United States by the good results that this offering.