ULTRAM ER dosage is unique to each patient and must be adjusted carefully according to doctor instructions. Average dose of 100mg per day. However, the doctor can start at a smaller dose and gradually increase it. Follow the instructions of the doctor and read the label. Use the dosing needle that is included with the product to accurately measure the liquid. In the event of accidental ingestion, you should seek immediate medical attention. ULTRAM-ER may cause breathing to become dangerously slowed or even stopped, leading to death. This risk is highest within 3 days of starting or increasing the dose.

Side effects

Ultram ER may interact with other drugs that affect the central nervous system, such as antidepressants, cold or allergy medicines, other pain medications, muscle relaxers, certain medicine for seizures or anxiety, or HIV/AIDS medicines. It should not be used by a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding. This medication may cause harm to a nursing infant, even though it is not known if the drug passes through breast milk.

ULTRAM-ER can also be misused by crushing, chewing or snorting the product. It may even be put to use for criminal purposes (see the WARNINGS). To limit abuse or misuse of ULTRAM ER, it is important to assess the patient properly, use proper prescribing techniques, periodically reevaluate therapy, provide adequate dosage, and keep accurate records. Addiction to opioids, including tramadol, is separate from and not associated with tolerance or physical dependence. Addiction is characterized by drug-seeking behavior, compulsive use, and a desire to continue taking the drug despite adverse consequences.